Electric Gate Maintenance 

Ensuring the quality and performance of your electric gate is an essential component in keeping up to date with your Gate Servicing Blackburn. Anything electrical over time does deteriorate and develop malfunctions, in electric gates, it is essential that you are still able to use the gate as normal without having issues. Just like getting a new car, you will need to have your gate serviced and inspected regularly, if you invest money into something then it is worth getting the best protection for your new asset.

Our servicing will guarantee that your gate will function exactly as normal and will not develop issues over time, after all, you will get the most out of your gate by having them serviced regularly. 

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Why do I need Automatic Gate Maintenance?

Automatic gate maintenance is an essential component in the upkeep of the safety features that are gained by having an automatic gate in the first place. Any failures are detected in this process and fixed accordingly and to the highest industry standard. 

This does not just apply to automatic gates for homes but also automatic gates for businesses, it is recommended that these checks are done twice a year to ensure that all components are operating effectively and efficiently. This is our promise to deliver the highest quality product and service to you!

What Is Checked During The Gate Maintenance?

During the checks of these gates we will review and fix the following and more:

  • Check alignment 

  • Check the strength of the gate

  • Check the hinges of the gate 

  • Inspect the gate for any oil leaks 

  • Check access keys/fobs

  • Check any additional intercom systems

  • Lubricate hinges

  • Lubricate all the mechanical components 

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